Penalties usually levied in service tax:

Penalty for non-registration: If a person fails to take registeration as per rules, he is liable to a penalty of Rs 5,000/- or Rs200 for each day of such failure starting from first day of due date till date of actual compliance, which ever is greater (Section 77, Finance Act 1994)

Penalty for Delay in filing of return : The return is required to be filed by the stipulated date as mentioned at para 6.1 above. Delay in filing of return attracts late fee. The late fee presently prescribed vide rule 7C of the Rules, is (a) Rs 500 for delay upto 15 days; (b) Rs 1000 for delay between 15 days and 30 days; and (c) Rs 1000 plus Rs 100 per day beyond 30 days, till the filing of return, not exceeding Rs 2000/-. To avoid late fee, the taxpayer must ensure timely filing of return. In case of returns filed late, the appropriate late fees should be paid at the time of filing the return, without waiting for any communication or notice from the department. Mere non-submission of evidence of payment of late fee along with the return is, however, not a ground for refusal to allow filing of the return

Penalty for Delay in payment of service tax, including a part thereof, attracts simple interest in terms of section 75 of the Act. The rate of interest is as prescribed from time to time, in accordance with this section. At present, the rate of interest is 13% per annum (notification No. 26/2004-ST, dated 10.9.2004) . Further, failure to pay service tax also attracts a penalty under Section 76 of the Act, which shall not be less than Rs 200 for every day during which such failure continues or at the rate of 2% of such tax per month, which ever is higher, starting with the first day after the due date till the date of actual payment of the outstanding amount of service tax. However, such penalty would not exceed the service tax payable

Any amount collected by a person as service tax from any other person, even if it was not permissible in terms of the service tax law, is required to be deposited with the Central Government. In other words, no amount collected as service tax shall be retained by the person who has collected such amount. Any delay in depositing such amount attracts simple interest at the rate prescribed under section 73 B of the Act. At present, the rate of interest is 13% per annum (notification No. 8/2006-ST, dated 19.4.2006)

10.4 Rule 7C empowers the Central Excise Officer to reduce or waive the penalty for
delayed filing of return, where the gross amount of service tax payable is nil.
(Notification No.4/2008-ST dated 01.03.2008).
10.5 The above changes will come into effect from 1st March, 2008.