Ques. We are having service tax registration. We want to surrender the same. Can you please advise is the same possible if we are having the ID of e-filing? What is the exact procedure to surrender the registration? Do we are required to apply in paper mode to the Department? Kindly clear the doubt and advise.
Answer Pl visit "Surrender of Registration" under ready Reckoner" on our website for the conditions for surrnder of registration. When an assessees want to surrender hi or her registration it can be done through the surrender registration menu option in the Assessee login. You may go to REG and under it go to surrender registration option. Fill the contents of the various fields as required like reasons for surrender and save and submit. This would result in a submission of the request to the jurisdictional Superintendent. Superintendent Upon submission of the Surrender ST2 request, verifies whether there is any revenue to be recovered from Assessee. Based on the Assessee’s response the superintendent will forward his feedback on Surrender Request to AC/DC for approval / rejection. The AC/DC will go through the application and the Superintendent’s feedback. If there are no liabilities against the Assessee then AC/DC will approve the Surrender request
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