1 We have engaged the Service by Photographer & Videographer including Supply of edited copy in DVD and Printed Album. What is the rate of service tax onit
2 We have taken a Villa With Garden on rent with as installed facilities like light, fan, AC, furniture, service water, housekeeping staff etc for 2 days. What is the rate of service tax on the above activity
3 wat is the commisioniarite ,range and divison for malad (west ) area
4 my service tax A/c is blocked. please unblock my service tax account
5 I was not aware that i have to collect service tax if turn over crosses 10 lakhs. Now my turnover is 33 lakhs this financial year. But Since i didnt collect service tax from my vendor/ service receiver, i didnt pay any service tax. They have already deducted TDS for whole amaount. Can i raise service tax now on my vendor/service receiver? Please answer my question. I would be of great help if you can answer
6 “A”, a manufacturer and a registered assesse under central excise, provides the manufactured good to “B” along with erection and commissioning of the said good. B issues a Purchase order of Rs.200/- to A for this. Whereas the said good is sold for Rs.100 to others and duty is paid on this amount. . Now, A is not able to bifurcate the Value provided in the purchase order toward goods and services as service alone will not amount to Rs.100/-. What can be done in this case?
7 whether service tax is applicable wherein foods is prepared but not served rather the customer collects food from the place of preparation of food?
8 Whether cenvat credit is allowed in respect of service tax paid on liquidated damages?
9 Dear Sir My query is as under:- We purchase the petrol from Depot and supply to a company at its different branch locations. For this we charge some amount. We would like to know whether it is liable for Service Tax.
10 Hi Team, GOI bought a new ammendment related to Rule 2 on 1st March 2015 taxing Aggregators for service tax.I have a query regarding this.Please help me out. Ours is a Operator based taxi service model. Our Agreement is with operators and he brings drivers under him, attaches under our portal and we provide them acess to our portal and allow them to service our customers who register for cab bookings in our app..Apart from the Service tax that we collect from customers from booking fares we also burn certain amount of cash in form of incentives that we pay to the drivers and Operators for attracting them towards our business and for competition with Uber.We transfer this amount directly to accounts of Drivers.For this we have an agreement with operator that we would pay the drivers on his behalf and this would not lead to any agent principal relationship.We however deduct the TDS from drivers incentives and deposit it in the PAN no of the operator. Problem Now is the operator has to show this as his income since it reflects in his 26AS .the Taxable amount crosses in some case 50L , now he has to take Service tax regd. Does this incentive amount gives rise to any service tax liability on part of operator or company or driver.? if yes How much and what is rate and sec. Please advice . please its very urgent.